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If you just setup the YouTube API, wait 10-20 minutes, then try the search again.  

Google might be delaying activating your account’s access to the YouTube API.

Otherwise, you may have a ‘broken’ API key – try creating a new API key, wait 10 minutes, and try again! 

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Not finding any content for text, video and photo?

Tsunami Sites requires at least PHP 5.3

Check your PHP version on the Tsunami Settings “Content Preview” tab.

If your version of PHP is older than 5.3, Tsunami Sites will NOT work.  Contact your host and ask them to update PHP on your account.

Otherwise the update is probably available in your cPanel, if you are comfortable making this change yourself!



Multiple Sites and APIs

Can you use the same API keys on different sites?

With YouTube, you can use the same API key, but if your other site is on a different server you will need to add the new sites IP address to the allowed IP address list in the Google Developer Console.  (see the “Setting up YouTube” video)

With Facebook, you will need to create an App for each of your sites.  (see the “Setting up Facebook” video)

With Tumblr, you can use the same API keys. (see the “Setting up Tumblr” video)

Still having trouble?  Contact us at


Keywords are extremely important!  Make sure to identify a keyword for your site to target (for example ‘weight loss’), and then setup variations of that keyword (for example, ‘healthy nutrition weight loss’) using different media types.

This will help you cover a wide array of potential search terms used on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Updating Tsunami Sites

Hint: it works like all WordPress plugins 🙂

Installing Tsunami Sites

Step 1 – In this tutorial we’ll install Tsunami Sites

Setting up Facebook

Step 2 – In this tutorial we’ll setup the Facebook API for the social media feature

Setting up YouTube

Step 3 – In this tutorial we’ll setup the YouTube API for the video search feature

Setting up Tumblr

Step 4 – In this tutorial we’ll setup the Tumblr API for the article search feature

Using Tsunami Sites

Step 5 – In this tutorial we’ll discuss how to use Tsunami Sites and go over the various options

Syndicator Network

Step 6 – In this tutorial we’ll discuss how to setup the Syndicator Network

Viral News Widget

Step 7 – In this tutorial we’ll discuss how to setup the Viral News Widget

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